The Catholic University of America

National Press Club Series


"Islam and America: The Challenge of Expanding the Judeo-Christian Paradigm"

Will Islam ever be accorded a full seat at the nation’s religious, social and cultural table? Four experts debated the question at the Columbus School of Law’s second 2010-2011 National Press Club program. 

"The Ethical Ramifications of Therasense"

Four patent law experts to discuss Therasense, Inc. v. Becton, Dickinson & Co, a case heard en banc in November, 2010 by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that examined a finding of inequitable conduct. 

"Philanthropy in the 21st Century:  Should All Charities Be Created Equal?"

Four expert panelists examined the U.S. tax code’s treatment of charitable organizations and debated whether the ultimate purpose of a charity should affect its tax-sheltered status. 

"Innovative Approaches to Advancing Corporate Morality"

Catholic University's Law and Public Policy Program assembled a panel of four experts for a two-hour examination of corporate philanthropy, ethics and honesty. The program was conceived in part as an acknowledgement of the vast power of corporations today.