The Catholic University of America

National Press Club Series


"The Tracking Clash: The Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches Grapple with U.S. v. Jones and the Use of Geolocation and Biometric Tracking"

Four expert panelists discussed feasible legislative and judicial solutions that preserve constitutional liberties while enabling the government to use available technology to protect our people and institutions.

"Religious Liberty in 2012:  Still the First Freedom?"

Some of the nation’s leading scholars and thinkers about religious liberty debate whether the government is beginning to overreach America’s cherished separation of church and state through ever-encroaching regulation.

"Environmental Justice: Hearing Communities through the Economic"

This program, the second in Catholic University law school’s 2011-2012 “Critical Insights in the Law and Law Practice” lecture series, examined what can be and is being done about unequal protections from environmental harm in communities across America.