The Catholic University of America
Student Scholars Series 2014

The Columbus School of Law Student Scholars Series was instituted by Professor A.G. Harmon in the 2008-2009 academic year to recognize notable legal scholarship produced by members of the student body and to foster the skills associated with presenting and defending that scholarship in a professional conference-style setting.


The Commerce Clause and the FDA Regulation of Stem Cells: Regenerative Sciences Serves as the Example

Kathryn Spates, Class of 2014, discussed the proper role of the Food and Drug Administration in regulating therapies and treatments based on stem cell research.

"Pennsylvania's Educational Improvement Tax Crecit and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program: Businesses and Students Slip through a Crack in the School Choice Wall of Separation" 

Zachary Navit (Class of 2014) described the sensible workaround found by the state of Pennsylvania to its ideological divide over funding private schools with public money.



"Regulating Pay to Play Practices"                                                       

LL.M. student DeCarlo McLaren endorsed 2010 rules adopted by the SEC to stamp out “pay to play” practices, a reference to the cozy relationships between some investment advisers who contributed to the campaigns of elected officials, then benefited from awarded contracts controlled by those very same officials.