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Crime, Collateral Consequences and Why Criminal Justice is Not a Partisan Issue 


Description:  The Hon. Robert Ehrlich Jr., who served as the 60th governor of Maryland from 2003 to 2007, visited the Columbus School of Law on Oct. 19 to discuss the power of pardons, commutations and clemency that most states grant the office of the governor in their criminal justice systems. While governor, Ehrlich and advisors met monthly to review and consider cases from inmates who claimed they had been wrongly convicted. Ehrlich, now senior counsel with the government advocacy and public policy group at King and Spaulding, said many of the calls he had to make were difficult, but told the student audience, “This is part of the job description. This is what governors do.”  Gov. Ehrlich agreed to speak at the special program for first-year day students at the invitation of faculty Professor Cara Drinan. The event was sponsored by the Office of Student Life and Special Events and qualified for an honor education credit.